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Apply for Youthtown Support


Youthtown now operates an ‘ON-LINE’ Grant Application system. All grant applications are now submitted by completing the on-line form and uploading supporting documents via the internet.

Our new system is now live and can be accessed via the ‘APPLY ONLINE’ link below.

We no longer accept hard copy applications and any hard copy application received will be returned to the applicant.

To familiarise yourself with our application system we’d recommend you take some time to review the ‘How to Apply Guide’.

As you will need to upload supporting documents (e.g. Quotes, Bank Deposit Slip, Resolution to Apply/Minutes etc) to the grants portal as you complete your application, we suggest that you have these scanned and saved on your computer before you begin.

Once you are ready to apply, simply click on the link below to get your application underway:


Please note: you will need one of the following internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer version 9 (or Higher)
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

For support and assistance in the completion of the on-line application form, please refer to the “Support” function option located at the top left of the web page. This can be accessed at any stage during the completion of the application, and our help desk will assist you with your enquiry.

If you have any questions regarding our grants process, or any other general grants related enquiries please feel free to contact Tote Hemehema, Grants Administrator; or Freephone 0800 333 673 (OPTION 1).