About Youthtown Trust

Who we are

Youthtown is a not for profit organisation that empowers young New Zealanders to be the best they can be.

We are an organisation that designs and delivers initiatives that engage and develop young New Zealanders.

Since first opening our doors as Boystown in 1932, we have evolved into one of New Zealand’s leading youth organisations.

We are highly regarded for the services, programmes and events we offer young people, and we are committed to providing a safe environment where young New Zealanders can dream it, do it with Youthtown.

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Youthtown Trust

In 2002 Youthtown Inc. made the decision to establish its own line of funding by operating Class 4 gaming with the support of gaming venues throughout New Zealand. This allowed our organisation to grow nationally and gave us the ability to fund other non-Youthtown youth and community initiatives.

As an ‘end-user’ trust, some of the net proceeds from gaming venues support Youthtown’s own branches and our Youth Services activity. Gaming funds are also distributed into the local communities where our gaming venues are located and to other youth-focused community organisations, projects and initiatives throughout New Zealand.

Our philosophy is to return the money that is raised back into the local community either through the provision of Youthtown services or to support local community groups and initiatives.